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Help Section for Potential Clients
i.jpg Are you considering choosing Design Outpost for your graphic design needs? We try to cover all your questions in this section. If we don't, please contact us and we will reply within a few hours. 
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17 Mar  How our process works   28431
20 Mar  How do I get the copyright transferred?   3915
20 Mar  Who owns the copyright to the illustrations?   8270
21 Mar  I have something unique that I need designed, can you do this project?   3027
21 Mar  Do you offer refunds if I am not satisfied?   4108
20 Apr  What information do I need to know from my printer?   4054
19 Aug  The extremely detailed guide to Design Outpost   3363
28 Feb  Can I receive the source files for print or Flash projects?   3299
25 Sep  I need a complete web site, can you do that?   3100
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