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Help Section for Current Clients
compass.jpg Do you currently have a project running at Design Outpost? This section is for you. If we don't answer your question, please feel free to contact us by email or personal message. 
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12 May  I like elements from 2 different designers, can I split the money between the two of them?   3549
12 May  I want to raise the amount of money I am offering.   4265
21 Mar  I've decided who I want to complete my project, now what?   3539
11 Apr  Can I end my project before the deadline?   3145
20 Apr  Getting the best results for your project   3897
12 May  Can I extend the deadline?   5252
12 May  How many revisions can I ask for?   3541
29 May  What are considered minor revisions after we choose which designer to work with?   3301
22 Jul  How do I get the copyright transfered?   12066
19 Aug  The extremely detailed guide to Design Outpost   112284
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