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We are happy you have decided to run your project here at DesignOutpost.com. This guide is for our clients that have a general knowledge of the internet and computers in general. If you need a more detailed guide Click here.  Please take the time to read carefully the steps involved in our process. If at any time you encounter trouble, do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. We first need to have you register with our site. This will allow you to log in and post your project on our forum. To register, follow this link. When you are done registering don't forget to log in. If you are already a registered user of this site it is not necessary to register again. Just use your old username and password.

  2. The second step is to pay in advance the amount you are offering to the chosen designer. 

  3. After you have deposited the amount you are paying the designer, we will receive a special code number that will then be added to your project/design brief after you post it on our forum. That number will be posted in the body of your message and verifies the projects validity.

  4. Your next step is to post your project/design brief on the forum in its appropriate category. Just find the appropriate forum, then click the "New Topic" button on the top right of that forum. Fill out the the topic title with your company name and project amount, then type in the project requirements including the deadline. It's important that you are specific in what you need. Let us know what colors you'd like, if the logo needs to match a web site, provide a link for us, what links you need in the template and maybe suggest a few sites/logos you like the look of etc. Any information that will help the designers create exactly what you want is very important. If you have a logo or images that need to be incorporated with your project, please attach those to your first message. Please note that the designers will use only the stock photos that they have the rights to and that are free. If you require images that require a licensing fee, you are responsible for paying that. Please also note that you must have complete rights to the images you provide for our designers. You agree to be held accountable for obtaining the proper permissions from the author of any stock imagery used. Please refer to the "Terms of Use" agreement regarding the use of stock photography for commercial reasons. We also ask that you provide information on the file formats you will require from the designer. It's suggested that you check with your printer prior to starting your project to see what file formats they require if you are having print material (like a business card and letterhead) designed.

  5. We ask that you keep up with the project and give comments and critique on all the designs submitted. Please do not contact the designers by private message or email, this is against the rules that they must abide by. To comment on their entries, simply post them in your project thread by clicking the "Reply To Topic" button, this way the design can be improved as the project progresses.

  6. When the project has reached the deadline you've declared, you then need to post a message in the project thread declaring who you have chosen to work with. The thread will then be moved to the Revisions forum.

  7. The last step is to request any minor revisions you need from the designer in the revisions forum. When you sign off on the project the designer will email the files you requested from them or they will send you a link to download them.

  8. After receiving the files from the designer, please post a message in your thread saying that the files are received. Our Moderators will then move your project to the archives.



The experience I had here was extremely awesome. There were alot of professional designers that help......


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