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There are often questions from our clients saying: "What can I do to get more entries?" Here are some tips that will help get the number of designs to rise. 
Guidelines to follow:
  1.  Be as clear as possbile in your opening post. Give details about your company and your targeted client.

  2.  Point the designers to examples of logos or web sites that you like. This will give them an idea of what you find attractive and the type of design that you think is effective.

  3.  Comment on every entry, even if you don't like it. A simple "I don't think that particular design is for me." will suffice, or better yet, tell us tactfully why you don't like it. The designers, like everyone else, don't like like their hard work to be ignored and it's tough to put the time in if the client seems unappreciative or passes their work off as not worthy of a mention.

  4.  Constant feedback. If you don't seem very interested in your own logo or template how can you expect the designers to be?

  5.  Give 24 hours notice if you intend to end a project early. You may love a design and have every intention of choosing it. But think about given a bit of warning first. A simple "The project will end tomorrow at noon." will give designers a chance to post any final designs. Who knows, maybe an even better design will come in at the last minute.

  6.  During the run of a project, don't gush over one particular entry. If the designers feel like you're in love with one design, many will move on to something else because it's tough to change someones mind. Everyone should feel like they have a shot at winning. They don't want to fight an uphill battle.

  7.  It's a pretty common tactic for clients to send Personal Messages to some of the designers to try and drum up interest with an "I really like your work. Can you enter my project?" message. Remember, if you have a reasonable amount offered, and the designers have a good idea, they'll enter.

  8.  We hate to say it but money talks. If your project isn't getting lots of entries, look at your amount offered. Is it fair? Several times clients will add extra money to the pot and entries always rise.

  9.  Above all, remember that all the designers here are professionals. We are not students simply looking for portfolio material. Many of us have several years of experience (more than a few 10 years or more).



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