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Before beginning your print project here on DesignOutpost.com, there are a few simple questions you should ask your printer.

Any print design project requires you to do a little leg work in order to make sure that we provide you with a file that will go to press with a minimum of fuss. Before you post your print project, please have the following information available from your printer:

Trim Dimensions This is the final size of your printed piece after the printer cuts away any excess paper.

Bleed Dimensions Whenever any images or color extends to the edge of a document, a bleed is required. This means that the print designer will extend the image box beyond the trim line to ensure that there will be no white line if the paper is not cut precisely where is should be. This amount is typically 1/8" - 1/4".

Safety Dimensions The "safety" is the area inside the document that no important text or images should be placed. This is done to ensure that no critcal information is accidently cut off in the trimming process. Typically 1/4".

Number of Colors The number of colors used in your print design can greatly affect the cost of printing. Business cards, letterhead, brochures, etc. can all be designed and printed as spot color or full-color (CMYK). By discussing the price differences with you printer, you can determine if your budget will cover a 1-color design, 2-color design, full-color, etc.

File Formats Most commercial printers are pretty specific when it comes to file formats. Although they can work with many different programs they will likely have a preference. The vast majority of print layouts are done in either QuarkXpress or Adobe InDesign. These are industry standard print layout programs.
Many printers will also accept Adobe Illustrator EPS or Adobe Photoshop TIF files, amongst others. Ask your printer what he prefers.

Templates Ask your printer if he has a template available for your project. This will help the designers in providing you with a file that is ready to print and hopefully won't need to be modified by the print vendor saving you both time and money.



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