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What are considered minor revisions after we choose which designer to work with?   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Here are a list of things which are acceptable as minor revisions of a template:

  •  Specific photo swap. This would cover any standalone images that would require no further editing except for resizing, addition of text within the image, or cropping.
  •  Website color theme. This would entail changing hexadecimal values for tables, backgrounds, font colors, and any other general areas that would reflect the main color theme of the site. This would usually be modified in the stylesheet with minimum effort anyways, but we should look at minimizing any detailed photo-editing of pictures to suit a color change.

  •  Content. Provided the client supplies the designer with word/text files that can easily be copied and pasted, this would require little time and would only be limited to the template, unless otherwise specified in a project for a complete website.

Things that should NOT be covered:

  •  Collage-type graphics, headers, or any extensive photo manipulation. This just requires too much time.

  •  Navigation menu changes. It's not too bad with CSS/text menus, but for those who are more particular and precise in their designs and rely on slicing, this alters the initial layout and requires going back to the original design and making heavy modifications and re-slicing.

  •  Flash animations other than changing text content. Flash should be an accessory, not the focus of a web page.
  •  The addition of scripts that affect the layout structure.
  •  Icons, buttons, or other custom-made graphics. Unless originally specified.

  •  Any modifications that would require extensive alterations to the HTML templates provided by Design Outpost. This would cover things such as major table/column/row changes, specific formatting of HTML code for aesthetic purposes beyond industry standards, integrating useless scripts such as the No Right Click or other coding, adding javascript popup 'a href' coding to pre-existing links, squeezing in content that wasn't planned for in the beginning such as search boxes, chat live scripts, logins, and email signups.




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