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This site was a group effort of many talented and skilled individuals. Below is a list of the people who have help make Design Outpost look and operate so well. A huge debt of gratitude goes out to the following members of our site and Design Team...

Web site design - Marengo http://www.4design.tv/

Logo - Raja http://www.webfellaz.com/

Forum icons - Annia http://www.annia.net/

Portfolio icons - Christian

Forum programming - Mike http://www.naramation.com/

Forum skinning - Platinum http://www.platinumwebsitedesign.com/

Web Site programming - Sanke Solutions http://www.sankesolutions.co.uk/

Content writing - Tonya

Web Site planning and implementation - Michael, Cre8or, ElKootcho, Eagle, Alex Kogan



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