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I like elements from 2 different designers, can I split the money between the two of them?   PDF  Print  E-mail 

Sorry, these aren't group efforts, they are individual efforts. The designers enter knowing that somebody will be awarded the amount offered for the project, they do not want to have to split the amount with someone else.

You have two choices, you can deposit the same amount as you initially offered, and choose both designers, or you can choose 1 designer to work with and contact the other designer after you announce who you will be working with, and ask them how much they would charge you for their design or the part that you specifically want. The designer you are working with can then receive the files from the other designer and combine the two together.

For any of the payments, either another first place prize, or the payment to the other designer, you would pay through the following page and then contact one of the Administrators in regards to what the payment is for... Click Here to go to the page where you deposit the additional funds.



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