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Mike 12-15-2002 01:12 PM

Designers, please read...
*Please note: If you contact our clients and you are not on our Design Team you will be banned immediately without warning.*

Hello and good day :)

Thank you for visiting our community. To try to keep thing in line at all time, we have some very simple rules we'd like the designers to follow:

* Entries are to be submitted by the Design Team only. If you are interested in joining the team, fill out the designer application form found at here .

* After you have filled out the above form and have been invited to participate, you will have access to the designers forum. Please make sure you review the simple design guidelines which can be found here before entering.

* Remember to double check the deadline for a posted project before entering. We'd hate it if you spent time on a design, only to enter late :)

* If a client has declared who they have chosen to complete the project, no more entries are permitted, for any reason. This means that you should follow the thread, not just reply without knowing what's going on.

* And as a final word, keep the contest civil at all times :) Don't copy each other, and don't flame the other designers or their designs :)

Thank you for cooperating with these simple rules :) It takes little work, but it goes a long way.

Mike Bourne
DesignOutpost Manager

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