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We have re-opened this forum under a new format and with a few rules. There is now a flat prize amount of $20 required before beginning your project. Projects are only open to members of the Design Team and the Apprentice Team.

The requests made in this forum are only permitted by registered non-profits. Your must have a tax-exempt i.d. number. We may ask you to provide this to us privately.

Please go to the following page to deposit your $20...

A non-profit organization is not a company that doesn't make a profit. They are some of the following types of businesses...

-Churches, Synagogues and other religious organizations
-Neighborhood sports and athletic teams, volleyball clubs
-Medical research or support groups
-Homeless or Low Income support agencies
-Ballet and Dance groups, performing /music arts groups
-Animal adoption agencies
-Organizations that work to preserve the environment

Varying factors will influence how many designs you will have to choose from. We cannot guarantee the results you typically see in the regular contest forums. If nobody enters, you will receive a refund.

At any time you desire, you may add additional funds to the prize amount and we will move your request to the regular section of the forum. To add to the prize amount you would simply follow this link, put the additional amount in the appropriate box, and click the "next" button. In addition, please click the email button below this message to notify us of the change.

Thank you for choosing Design Outpost, a company that believes in helping others.