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[Project Complete] Viewshoot - $500

(Admin code added by Palmer - 0H0145396K920541Y)

Company Details

1a) Name of Company - Viewshoot

1b)Company Tag Line or slogan: n/a

1c) Do you have a company logo? n/a

1d) our site ( currently has a simple and clean White/blue/light grey scheme that I would like to continue

1e) What is the nature of your business?: Viewshoot will eventually provide a resource for real estate photographers to easily manage client, and allow for virtual tours of homes photographed.

1f) Who is your target Audience - Real Estate Photographers!

Website Details

1b) Do you have an existing website?

This is important, we do not need a landing page, we need a layout for the "virtual tours we will be offering, I will list a few sites below to explain what I mean.

2b) IMPORTANT: Please list at least 3 URLs (web addresses) of high quality sites that you like the look of (these do not have to be sites who’s business is similar to yours. It aids us in determining what your design style is.) Please consider layout, colors, navigation, graphics, and typography.

We would like functionally the same as this, but much more simple, really we just need a template that will have place holders for the pictures we will upload later,

This has plenty of examples of what some people are using, we dont like how complicated and ugly they are.

Here is a site that is closer, in the photos section you can see that there is a grid of pictures, we like that, we would want to make sure its responsive and will scale down to mobile eaily (even if the grid goes to single file. We dont need the price, but having a pop out that we can put some information on, and maybe a large intro picture (or spot for a video) would work. We need the real estate agents info to be included in a way that would be non intrusive. Really combining the photos and the landing page of this would be great.

3b) What colors or color schemes would you like? The same as our site (

4b) List the Navigation links for your Site:

We don't need links, however we will need a way to easily hide the realestate agents info (so it needs to have an area for real estate agents info, links to their site and what not)

5b) What type of look are you trying to achieve? (e.g. clean, high-tech, conservative, warm, flashy, etc.)

Clean, professional and functional

6b) Please provide the addresses of competitors' sites, if possible:

7b) Do you have any images for use in the design of your site? If not, do you have images, can you offer suggestions of what you type of imagery you feel would be most suitable for your website:

This is kind of a weird request I think, we just need the one site, with placeholder images and for it to mimic some of the sites we put up earlier it should be kept very clean and simple. Being able to swipe to move the pictures along would be great as well.

Deadlines and Deliverables

1c) What is the deadline for your template design?

May 11th

2c) Will you require HTML coding? (Yes/No)

3c) If so, will you require it to be ONLY CSS layout? (Yes/No --- {fees})

4c) How many pages coded will you require delivered? 1({fees})
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