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Alright Waleed, lets go with this design, there were no others but yours is great and super close to what we need. We are going to need some edits to get it finished up right and good, but overall great work.

im just going to list things with numbers again.

1. We have decided that the real estate agents info needs to be shown all the time, perhaps under the description and before the pictures, also some real estate agents wont have a picture at all or it will be wonky landscape and we just want to make sure it will cope with that.

2. Can we get a map (full landscape across the bottom is fine (google map))

3. The photo at the top we have decided can just be static, and not scrolling, so no tiny circles, just a big ole picture at the top that will guide people into the smaller pictures.

4. We also would like a way to have a video that can be displayed, so if we do have a video, a small banner in the corner of the static top picture and perhaps a play button that is clickable. (these will go to youtube videos) (the static picture should still be visible)

5. all of this on the mobile version as well, hope that it is doable, thanks so much!
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