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[Due Dec 14th] - New Law Firm Logo - $200

(Admin code added by Palmer - 5D334222J42175619)

Hi everyone,

We are looking for a logo for a new law firm partnership. The name of the partnership will be either Brod Willoughby, LLP or Willoughby Brod, LLP, so please include variations of both, which may actually help up decide on the name of this partnership.

The focus of our practice will be primarily be representing injured people, though there should not be anything in the logo that addresses our areas of practice. We are open to any kind of fonts and color schemes, though we'd like to avoid yellow, as that will be a "call" button on our website. We want to convey strength, reliability and success.

We've pledged $200.00 for the contest, which will end on 12/14. Good luck to everyone and thank you in advance!!
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