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Thanks to everyone for the first entries:

Here are answers to the questions in the Design Outpost Creative Brief Worksheet that should hopefully help:

Project Summary:
What text should be included in the main part of the logo?
- Brod Willoughby, LLP or Willoughby Brod, LLP

What type of product or service do you offer?
- legal representation to injured people

How long have you been in business?
- Each partner has been practicing law for about 20 years and this partnership will be new.

What do you hope to accomplish with your new identity?
- A new brand for our partnership

What are your long term goals?
- To be a premiere law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area

When is the deadline for final entries before choosing a designer?
- December 14

Audience Profile:
Please describe your existing audience
- People who have suffered injuries due to the fault of another, medical malpractice, and families who have lost the loves of a loved one due to the fault of another

Who would you like to add to your audience?
- N/A

What type of logo would you like?
- Something simple and appropriate for a law firm

Do you have any colors in mind for your logo? (if so, why?)
- We don't have any specific colors in mind, though it would probably be better to have one, strong primary color, with an additional color for highlighting (perhaps orange).

Do you have any specific images or icons in mind that you would definitely like to see incorporated into your logo?
- Not at this time.

Communication Strategy:
What attributes would you like your logo to reflect about your business?
- We'd like to emphasize strength, experience and success

What is your tagline or slogan?
- We don't currently have one, though we may use something like "Experienced lawyers ready to fight for you"

What is the overall message you are trying to convey to your target audience?
- You will find no better legal representation for your important case

Where will your new logo be used?
- Our website, letterhead and business cards

Competitive Positioning:
Who are your competitors and what do you think about their logos?
- We compete with other plaintiff's side law firms in California and we don't have any specific logos of competitors to share.

List competitive URLs if possible
- N/A

What sets you apart from your competitors?
- We are extremely experienced and successful and have provided personal representation to those in need for many years, putting our clients' needs and interests ahead of all else.

Targeted Message:
State a single-minded word or phrase that will appropriately describe your company:
- We are experienced trial lawyers who fight for the rights and interests of our clients and their families

Thanks, and good luck!!
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